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'I am fully engaged in the life that I am blessed to have'

I decided to pursue weight loss surgery after a lifetime of trying many other options. I had various levels of success with several plans, fads, extensive exercise, introspection and some not-so-healthy approaches. Each time, though, the weight I worked to shed wound up back where it came from, and then some. In my thirties, I had developed a multitude of serious health problems and was on multiple medications. I had lost faith that I could lose the excessive weight that had been dragging me down, and

therefore, had given up trying. While still hoping I would find the resolve to lose the weight on my own, years passed by that I did’t have the energy or drive to be active, social, or to live to my full potential.

The spring before my fortieth birthday, I found the motivation to move forward. I was determined that the next phase of my life would be the best one yet! I began eating well and exercising, losing 40 pounds over a few months. Knowing my former patterns, I decided that weight loss surgery, which I had thought of as a last resort, was my best option to facilitate permanent change. 


I met with Dr. Gatschet on June 4, 2014. From the first meeting through today, she has guided me through the process. She helped me decide that due to my various weight-related conditions, gastric bypass was the right choice for me. After completing some standard assessments, my surgery was scheduled for October 21, 2014. I set a personal goal to lose a 

total of 150 pounds on June 21, 2015... 8 months post-op and the first day of summer. On that day, I met that goal, and have since exceeded it.


There has been effort on my part to achieve this goal, as lifestyle changes are necessary for ultimate success. The difference now is that the effort is supported by physiological change, and has been met with success that is sustainable. My body now gives me clear signs when I have had enough to eat, and when I have made poor food choices- which makes it simple to make the right choices. Throughout this process I have had little discomfort, and unimaginable benefits. Starting immediately, my health conditions disappeared. I have more energy and am fully engaged in the life that I am blessed to have. My only regret is not pursuing this path sooner! I am grateful to Dr. Gatschet for her skill, guidance and ongoing support as I continue this journey.

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