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H. Ruby Gatschet, MD
Michael Jaramillo

Reclaim Your Life.

You have heard just about everything when it comes to weight loss.  Media personalities telling you to eat this, not that, and exercise.  Doctors informing you of your medical problems and to lose weight, or your medical problems will continue or worsen.  And you have tried just about everything out there. Things start out well initially, but then you get to a point where your weight just will not budge.  Or perhaps you stop your diet and the weight comes back, along with maybe a little extra.  It is as if no matter how hard you try, your body wants to be at its current weight, and you are fighting it.


If this story is all too familiar to you, you are not alone.  In fact, research has shown that diet and exercise alone are only successful in achieving long-term, sustainable weight loss in 5% of our population. That means that out of 20 people out there who try to achieve weight loss with diet and exercise alone, only 1 person is successful in keeping it off in the long run.  That leaves the other 19 people feeling frustrated, guilty, hopeless, after trying over and over again, only to be unsuccessful.


Weight loss surgery, otherwise known as bariatric surgery, is currently the only proven method of achieving consistent, long-term weight loss.  This weight loss will lead to resolution of many medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, and arthritis. It is an excellent tool to promote appetite control, with sustainable results best achieved through a multidisciplinary approach.  That is why at Prestige Bariatric and Surgical Specialists, Inc., we are proud to offer a team of specialists, consisting of not only the surgeon, but also dietitians, psychologists, and other coordinating staff, and other resources such as our support groups.   


We are proud to offer services through our Sacramento location and accept many insurances.

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